Rates start at $50 per calendar day (up to 2 animals), but vary depending on location.     Includes:
        • staying overnight if  requested
        • putting trash out
        • checking the mail
                 *Gail is happy to also water plants, but Melissa isn't
                     capable of keeping plants alive...
    Simple medications:
        • injections and/or more complicated medications - $5 per day

Overnights are first booked, first served. 
A $15 Holiday charge is applied to all major holidays.

We offer FREE 
NO obligation, NO pressure,
consultations prior to our private services.
What We Offer
• Private Training
• Group Classes
• House Sitting
• Puppy Training
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 The Awesome Dog Obedience Program

Here at Bad Dog Basics, we run our group classes a liiiittle differently...
 The typical group class model makes owners come to class at the same day and time every week for 5-6 weeks, with the first class always being dedicated to owners ONLY (no dogs allowed). Every week you learn new things based on the typical curriculum, whether your dog is ready to move on to these new things or not! After utilizing the same, tired group training model for years, we've realized that there's a better way!

With our revolutionary Awesome Dog Obedience Program , everything is made easier for YOU! Have a hectic schedule and can't commit to the same day every week? Know you'll be on vacation soon? Know that you can't be AS committed some weeks?

We say, NO PROBLEM! 

Awesome Dog Obedience is a super flexible program where you can move as slowly, or as quickly, as you wish, because everything is broken down into more manageable LEVELS!  You and your pup must "master" each level, before moving on 
to the next (kind of like Karate!) this way, your dog is much more likely to retain 
the new skills learned (as are you!)... which is kind of the point of  spending
 all this time and money, right?!?

Are you the type who's dedicated to getting the most out of your mutt?  Love teaching your pup all the things? Want a dog people talk a GOOD way?? 
Well, with Levels going from 1 thru 6 , we can absolutely 
help get your dog from  "Oh, what a BAD DOG!"  to
But hold on, maybe you don't care if your pup has a flaw or two (we call 'em quirks!), and you're only interested in learning the basic foundation stuff? Well, work your way thru Levels 1 and 2 (and maybe even some of 3!) at your own pace, and you can be on your merry way, with a relatively GOOD DOG that you can be proud of!! 
See? This program really is setup to make life easier on YOU!
Classes are kept SMALL (which makes it so much more enjoyable!), and are 
open to friendly dogs of any age and size (which makes for such great doggie socialization!). All participants must be fully vaccinated (THE DOG TOO! lol!) ,
 and on flea/tick prevention. If you yourself are afraid of dogs, then group classes 
are not recommended, because... well, DOGS.
We're so sorry, but children under 12 are not able to join in on 
classes, and children 12 and over who do join in must not bite!
Melissa Kroll 
Head Trainer / Owner 
401. 932. 0922   Text

Jocelyn Cobb
Trainer/Right Hand
774. 526. 5400  Text
Gail Kroll
Sitter/Walker/ Owner 
401. 932. 7845  Cell
        If group classes aren't for you or your dog, no problem! Melissa and her 
team are happy to help you achieve your training goals one on one! We handle everything from obedience and not so obedient behaviors, to leash reactivity 
and resource guarding! We're here to help you with as much as possible!
Have younger children? No problem!
 With private training, the entire family gets involved! 

    Single Sessions : $98 per (each session is about an hour)
    4 Session Package : $ 350 (each session is about an hour)

                                                    Consultations are always free!
Private Training
We are in the process of obtaining a new training facility.
 Until then, all classes are on hold.
 Please bear with us!