Our Tail starts with Gail Kroll, our beloved matriarch! After going to school to be a professional dog groomer, she opened her own salon (Lil Waggler's Bath n Splash!) in Chicago, Ill. After a number of years KILLING it in Chicago, she met a man, got hitched, had the most amazing daughter EVER, and then set up her new shop in South County, where it 
stayed,until she hung up her clippers in 2001! 
Now she's the head of our House Sitting
 and Dog Walking department, as well
 as Chief of Hug Distribution! 
Bad Dog Basics wouldn't have ever 
even been a "thing" without her!
Melissa Kroll's Tail is obviously very much intertwined with her mama's! If Melissa hadn't grown up surrounded by dogs, who knows what she would have done with her life! 
Luckily, she has always lived a life of animals...dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, birds, and even a few squirrels! When it came time for Miss Mellie  do something with her life, being a dog trainer was a pretty obvious choice!
Not only does Melissa have YEARS of animal experience, but she also studied hard with Animal Behavior College (she's now a Mentor for their up and coming graduates!), and became a certified professional dog trainer in 2007! 
She's always striving to learn more, do more, and 
make a bigger difference...That's why she volunteers  so much of her time with Save One Soul Animal Rescue League.
She LOVES helping people reach a newer level of 
communication and trust with animals, and she intends to spend the rest of her life doing just that.
Melissa Kroll
Jocelyn Cobb is the newest addition to our tail! 
She and Melissa met when Jocelyn became a volunteer for Save One Soul Animal Rescue League , and they immediately clicked! 
Jocelyn grew more and more enthralled with the training process, and made the HUGE decision to change her life up quite a bit, and become a professional trainer! While she's still "technically" in the apprentice phase, her knowledge grows by leaps and bounds every day, and she'll finish the same program Mellie graduated from 10 years ago!
 When Jocelyn ​isn't training, she can be found volunteering a MILLION hours with Save One Soul! 

Jocelyn Cobb
Melissa Kroll 
Head Trainer / Owner 
401. 932. 0922   Text

Jocelyn Cobb
Trainer/Right Hand
774. 526. 5400  Text
Gail Kroll
Sitter/Walker/ Owner 
401. 932. 7845  Cell
(our story, for those of you who don't like puns!)